How to Choose the Right Leadership Training Program


A common thread among the business owners I work with is the desire to develop leadership skills within their companies.  I usually ask them to explain the reasons behind this. Their response tells me where we need to start, and what our goals should be. With this in mind, we have the necessary information to select the right trainings and accurately measure our progress.

When choosing a leadership training program, the following tips will set you on the path to success:

  1. The theory of business leadership is important, but the measure of success is in its effectiveness in creating a better leader. Before you begin, you need to be clear on what you would like to accomplish personally, and for the business as a whole.  Is the training to increase productivity and cut costs? To reduce risk? To increase opportunities for growth? Or perhaps a particular skillset is lacking, meaning more targeted training is preferential to general leadership training. The right training matches the assessment you make at this stage with your goals.

  2. Be aware of your bottom line, but also the changes in behavior and dynamics that must take place to meet your goals.  Specificity is key here.

  3. Use a 360-degree assessment to identify strengths and weaknesses prior to choosing a training course. This information will help you target the key areas for improvement, thereby ensuring you get the biggest return on your leadership training investment.

  4. No matter the type of training you choose, build in data collection to measure success. This will allow you to assess whether the skills learned during training are being applied, the calculated return-on-investment over time, and what improvement you see in areas such as teamwork, productivity, and communication.

Investing in leadership training is beneficial not only to all employees but to the business as a whole, in fact, numerous studies have shown that businesses that invest in leadership training outperform those that do not. Contact us to learn more about how investing in leadership training will equip your employees with the skills to maximize their potential.