Risk Reduction

Companies are being fined hundreds of thousands of dollars by federal, state and municipal watchdogs for labor and other violations that you may not know exist. Shouldn’t you know if you are at risk? Our proprietary HR MRI assesses all parts of your organization involving employees and gives you a prescription on how to reduce your risk.


on & Off site hr consulting

Small businesses need HR support but until they have 120 employees really don’t need a full-time HR person. If you want to get your employee “house” in order, want to improve the culture of your company, need help getting your employees engaged and productive or just need someone to handle the day-to-day issues employees bring to the table, our sister company SevenStar HR staff can help you part-time.



  • Wonder whether you should use an outside hiring expert or do the hiring yourself?

  • Not getting enough candidates but don’t know why?

  • Wonder if you should fire?

  • Use our calculator to help you understand your cost of a mis-hire or contact us to learn about our proven Effective Hiring program.


HR PROJECTS & Employee Handbook

Whether you have 3 employees or over 100, your first lines of defense to an employee lawsuit are job descriptions and an employee handbook.

Our handbook builder and on line hosting along with our constant state and federal updates make our Employee Handbook unique.

We can help you with writing procedures or creating job descriptions.