Testimonials from Many Industries

Kris Derrig is President of Action Machined Products, a precision metal manufacturer located in Copiague. Kris joined TAB Suffolk-Long Island in 2008. She tells her story of how TAB helped her achieve the work-life balance she needed, helped her grow her company and personally grow as a leader.

Jerry Su is President of Teamson Design Corp. an international children’s furniture company located in Bay Shore. Jerry joined a TAB Suffolk-Long Island board to help him transition into being the leader of a family business. He talks about how TAB helped him transition and since joining TAB he has grown his business by 300% and improved his business and family life.

John Malizia is President of A-1 Roofing located in Port Jefferson Station. John tells how the experience of his TAB Suffolk-Long Island coach and TAB board made him change from being a technician to a leader in his company. It also helped him over double his revenue by creating the principles to help his business grow.

Greg Hill is the owner/operator of Maple Hill Tree Services, a full service tree company. He's been a TAB Member since 2016. Greg loves the input he gets from his Board. He joined to get feedback on some strategic issues he was facing.

Alfredo Avalos is the Owner of RA Nursery & Materials Landscape. Before joining a TAB Board, in 2007, Alfredo was incredibly stressed. After discovering TAB, he got the help he and his business needed.

Mark Inboden is the President and CEO of Utility Control and Equipment Corporation. He's been a TAB Member since 2013 and credits his board with helping his work/life balance and accountability as the business owners.

Joe Gleinser is President of GCS a full-service IT corporation. Joe talks about how he was a stable company who decided they wanted to grow and what TAB does for him. He further discusses how it feels when joining a board and what to expect from the experience.

Susan Crawford is the owner of RecTec Industries Inc., a distributor of children's recreational equipment. Susan has been a TAB Member since 2002, and she credits her TAB Board with helping her realize that she doesn't have to do it all.

Laurie Howell is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Austin HR. Laurie has been a member for a year and a half, and she says the experience has been amazing. She really enjoys that TAB has shown her that all business owners have issues, and the same problems.

Robert Fleming is founder and Chef/Owner of Magnolia Pancake Haus. He talks about making the tough cash-flow desision when he joined TAB and how TAB centers him, gives him accountability so he can have the life style he desired where he makes people happy.

Margaret Daskis is the President of Fresh Ideas & Solutions Inc., a dry-ingredient blending facility. Margaret joined TAB in 2010, and she shares how, as the owner, you don't always know who to talk to about your challenges. That's where her TAB Board came in!

Jim Murphy is President of SQL Watchman which he created to solve IT issues. Instead of 5-7% growth before TAB he got 180% growth the first year after he started. He also reduced the hours worked from 70-80 to 32 per week and is still getting growth of 40%.

Stephen Kramer is the owner of Stephen J. Kramer Architecture + Design. After the 2008 recession, Stephen's firm faced many challenges. In 2009, he found TAB. His TAB Board gave him a place to get advice, and he found that different perspectives on his issues to be very helpful.

Robert White is the president and CEO of Whitestar Corporation. which provides digital map date to oil & gas, forestry, utility and engineering companies. He's been a TAB Member since 2013 and he discusses how his TAB membership has improved his business.

Kyle Dion is the President and CEO of New Line Skateparks Inc. He's been a TAB Member since 2013. TAB has helped Kyle grow his company from a $6-million company to a $9-million company. He's also seen an improvement in his overall work-life balance.

Marcelo Silva is the managing principal of By The Lake Dental. He discusses how his TAB Membership and Board have helped By The Lake Dental double in size--in revenue, billing and by opening a second location.

James Bryant Boyd is the President and CEO of J Bryant Boyd Architect & Design-Build. James joined a TAB Board when he realized that he needed help, and didn't know what he didn't know.

Craig McLaughlin is the owner of Professional Tree & Turf Equipment, a manufacturing company that builds fertilizer and weed-killer sprayers. Craig discusses how his TAB Board has helped him grow his business.

Gord Wallace is a senior partner at IBW Surveyors has been a TAB Member since 2012. In this video, he discusses how TAB has been beneficial for his business and has helped IBW triple in revenue and employee size.

Denise Dihle, the owner, founder and president of 360 Engineering Inc., has been a TAB Member since 2015. In this video, she explains how her TAB Board helped her better understand the financial side of her business, and, ultimately, increase revenues.

Robert Sloan is the owner of Langstaff & Sloan Inc., an electrical contracting company. He's been a TAB Member since 2013, and credits his Board with helping him improve his work-life balance!

Doug Simons is the president of Enstrom Candies. He and his wife are third-generation owners of the business. Doug has been a TAB Member since 1999! The idea of having a sounding board of other business owners was what convinced him to join.

Beth Goss is the owner of United Materials in Denver, Colorado, and she's been a TAB Member since 2013. After a tough year, Beth decided to give TAB a try, and she hasn't looked back. Beth shared that she expected a lot from her Board, and she got even more than what she expected!

Brent Metcalfe is the President and CEO of A-Post Aluminum Fabricators. Though skeptical of sharing sensitive information with his TAB Board at first, Brent soon realized the power of having other business owners to discuss his challenges with. He's been a TAB Member since 2014.

Jeff Knoblanch is the President of RAM Construction. He joined TAB in 2007, and shares how his Board has helped him improve profitability. Though he felt a bit intimidated at his first Board Meeting and out of his comfort zone, by the third meeting, he realized that TAB is totally in his comfort zone!

Sam Bosgra is the owner of Mid Valley Manufacturing Inc., a manufacturer of dairy barn equipment. Sam's been a TAB Member since 2014. He credits his TAB Board with helping him tackle everyday business owner issues as well as keeping him accountable for his decisions.

Rick Boates has been with TAB for 18 years! He's the president of Unitech Construction Management. He credits his TAB Board with changing his hiring process, improving his work-life balance and for helping his company grow 10 times in size and revenue!