Our Value Building Program gives our members an indication of how well their company aligns with operational best practices. Eighteen underlying value drivers are universal when assessing operational entities.


Our Process


Initial discovery aNALYSIS

We start by collecting 5 data points

  • Top Line Revenues


  • Number of Employees

  • NAICS Code

  • Zip Code

We then ask 18 questions to compare the company to best practices.


DeeP Dive Analysis

We review step one with you and your team and then use a series of 78 questions to benchmark operational performance. We drill into each of the 18 drivers and identify a company’s strengths, risks and vulnerable areas.

This analysis will tell you how much value is not being realized due to operational and market deficiencies.

We then calculate the increase you could realize if operational performance was improved.


Executable growth plan

Once we review the operational performance with the owner, we access the next 143 data points to unlock our Executable Growth Plan.

This plan gives specific details about our 18 drivers as the relate to day-to-day operations.

This allows us to set a growth strategy with specific accountable tasks that will improve the value of your company.