Are you using HR to grow your business?

Photo by   from   Pexels

Photo by from Pexels

I speak to many business leaders and some:

  • Feel HR only does administrative functions like payroll and benefits

  • Assume anyone can perform HR duties so assign them to their office manager or clerical person

  • Think HR is a cost center rather than a critical value center within the organization

If this is you, here is where you are missing out:

  • Talent acquisition strategies can make or break your business. There is an assumption because someone is a manager, they know how to interview and hire the right person for the job.

  • A good hire will keep your business chugging along but a great hire will increase its success, innovation and profitability. This has to be a primary business focus not "when we can get to it."

  • Companies that invest in better candidate experience improve the hiring quality by a staggering 70%. Do you have a great hiring process?

  • Engaging on-boarding makes a difference. Do you have an automated on-boarding process?

  • Do you have the work culture to keep employees?

    • 66% of millennial employees plan to leave their current role

    • 86% of employees leave their jobs in the first six month

    • 34% plan to leave their jobs this year

If you need a team of HR professionals but don’t have the budget or a team that has hiring expertise, ask us about our Shared Services team approach and our EffectiveHiring® process.