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Jerry Su

John Malizia

Kris Derrig

Monroe Diefendorf

Using just one of The Alternative Board’s time management techniques I saved over ten hours each month.

Dr. Catherine Kier, MD, SUNY at Stony Brook Pediatrics, Stony Brook

Based on the input I got from my board on some specific things I should include in client proposals I was able to get two jobs valued at $1,300,000 that I feel I otherwise would not have gotten.

Joe Pacifico, President, Coastal Enterprises of NY Inc, Huntington

I receive feedback from other business owners who understand the nature of entrepreneurs and their businesses. They share their experiences with proven solutions and creative conceptual thinking.

David Hirsch, President, Charles Leonard, Inc, Hauppauge

I rely on my TAB board members to keep me focused on the positive ways to reach my goal.

Brent Mele, President, All Action Alarm, Hauppauge

The guidance of The Alternative Board has helped me increase our revenue. The time I have saved and the return my firm has gotten has exceeded our financial and time investment. I am impressed with the organization.

Steven Kramer, Esq., Partner, Feldman, Kramer & Monaco PC, Hauppauge

As a distributor, TAB has helped me expand my business by 40% and develop the structure needed to help sustain that growth. I’m pleased with the results I have received with TAB who helped me work on my business, not just in it.

Ira Krinick, President, Ponderosa Packaging, Melville

By working with one of my TAB board members, I’m saving $10,000 per year on my company’s medical insurance premiums – with better benefits. The savings drop directly to my bottom line – thank you TAB!

Joe Pacifico, President, Coastal Enterprises of NY Inc, Huntington

Our TAB Board members and facilitator have helped us deal with the on-going business issues we have faced over the years as a laser job shop. They have worked with us to plan strategically and helped ensure we are secure during the economic downturns and to capitalize on our strengths and grow in a controlled and targeted way. Our three partners now work together much more effectively as a team making all our working time more pleasurable. I am glad I found TAB.

Reto Hug, President, Maloya Laser, Commack

I was encouraged to join TAB by a colleague several years ago. I had recently started my own business and reluctantly joined amidst all the new stresses and difficulties that come with embarking on such a journey. I have been in business for just under five years now. Had it not been for the support and guidance I get from my fellow TAB members, my coaching, and our facilitator, I would not have been able to take the necessary steps in order to nearly double my revenue in those five years. Additionally, I have recently and successfully moved my business from Brooklyn to Bohemia which has had a dramatic effect on my quality of life and has enabled me to both work more effectively and spend more time with my family, which at the end of the day is what matters most!

Joshua Glas, President, PhiGEM Parts, Inc, Bohemia

I’ve been a TAB Member for over 10 years and the benefits continue to happen. I was selling my company and had a buyer. I approached a Mergers & Acquisition (M&A) firm to help me complete the deal. I then discussed with my TAB board how the other members had handled M&A and they advised me not to use the M&A firm but to use an attorney and accountant who have experience. Their advice saved me $500,000 dollars. Thanks TAB!

Dr. George Kramer, Founder and CEO, Ultravet Medical Devices & Atlantic Coast Veterinary Specialists, Bohemia