Effective Hiring®

Hiring Facts You Should Know:

  • Studies suggest that over 50% of the work force may be in jobs that are not suited to who they are and what they value.
  • A Michigan University Study proved that interviews are only 14% accurate in selecting high performers.
  • The Wall Street Journal reported that over 50% of hires from Executive Recruiters don’t last 2 years.
  • Half of small business owners say they can’t find enough qualified workers for open positions, according to a National Federation of Independent Business survey. Almost a quarter say it’s the biggest problem for their businesses.

EffectiveHiring® Helps You Find the Right People for Your Business

From developing job descriptions, key accountabilities, job benchmarking, recruiting and ad placement, screening candidates, assessing skill sets and interviewing – our EffectiveHiring process can help you find the best fit employees that your business needs.

Please visit our website www.EffectiveHiring.com for program details.

EffectiveHiring Benefits:

  • Helps you manage the hiring process in less time, less effort and less confusion.
  • Ensures you choose employees based on job requirements.
  • Improves communication within your organization.
  • Helps you understand how to motivate your employees.
  • Ensures developmental growth of key employees.
  • Helps executives understand their management style and manage more effectively.