In 1999, Jackie Gernaey with the support of her investing partner Bruce Gernaey purchased the first female owned franchise of The Alternative Board.

Why – what was the drive in doing this? Jackie and Bruce both had very successful careers. Jackie was the President of a $25 million company, with 200 employees, and was the first female division President. Bruce was the Director of Marketing for Olympus. The answer to the why was several:

  • Both of us loved being in business and the “game” of business
  • Both of us tired of corporate politics and the grind of travel these large corporate jobs required
  • Both of us were concerned with the lack of security in corporate America
  • Jackie believed in giving back to the business community by helping small businesses in the local area thrive and prosper


Jackie partnered with Nassau County facilitator Steve Davies to jointly brand TAB on Long Island.


Jackie did the “heavy lifting” and made TAB Suffolk-Long Island a success, allowing Bruce to leave his job at Olympus and come to work in our TAB business. Over the next several years, Bruce doubled the number of TAB members, making TAB Suffolk-Long Island one of the largest TAB chapters in the world.

Jackie published the best seller Create the Business Breakthrough You Want along with many of the World’s Greatest Mentors, Brian Tracey, Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen.


TAB Suffolk-Long Island became a member of the Top Tier. This group of the top 12 International TAB franchisees work together to make sure each of their businesses provide the best to its members and continue to grow.


TAB Suffolk-Long Island created EffectiveHiring® in response to the needs of our TAB members to hire good talent and retain their best employees.


At the peak of the “Great Recession”, TAB Suffolk-Long Island enrolled more members than any previous year and started their Strategic Boards dedicated to businesses with $10+ million in annual revenue.


Three members reached 10 years of membership with many more to come in subsequent years.

TAB Suffolk-Long started a strategic alliance with Sandler Training of Hauppauge. The alliance provides significant price incentives to businesses jointly enrolled in TAB and Sandler Training.


Jackie is appointed as an Examiner for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. Bringing the principles of Quality Management to closely held private companies and the development of the leaders of these businesses is her personal goal.


We’ve continued to grow, operating seven business-owner boards and brought on several additional certified facilitator/business coaches.


Todd B. Ringler becomes Partner of TAB Suffolk-Long Island. Todd facilitated and coached a business owner TAB Board as well as an attorney-only TAB Board prior to becoming partner.

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