Owner to Customer Visits

Staying connected with your customers and employees is crucial. It is easy to get disconnected from either or both unless you make the effort otherwise. Service companies conduct their business on job sites, or at least outside of the office. Make it a point to visit your company in action – go to where the work is happening!

When you visit customers, don’t make it a surprise nor give them the impression you are there to take over the role as primary point of contact. A day in advance, let both the customer and your team know you are visiting; this shows that you care, that you want to observe the work, that you want to check in with the customer and facilitate any communications that may be stalled. Bring something of value for the customer, even somethings as simple as coffee and doughnuts. Make it clear that further communication needs to take place between the onsite client and your onsite overseer. Don’t leave the visit with more monkeys on your back than you arrived with!