Tips from the Top - May 2018


Staying On Top of Your Competitor's Marketing Strategy

No matter how unique your product or service, every business has a competitor (or more than one). This is probably a good thing because it means no CEO or business owner can become complacent or believe there’s no threat to his or her company’s well-being.

Competitors are a fact of life. The trick, in terms of crafting your company’s marketing message, is knowing what the “other guy” is saying and how well their message is being received by the target audience.

Here are five tips for staying on top of your competitor’s marketing strategy:

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Employee Motivators

A recent discussion on our hiring efforts and the candidates' motivators converged on a common theme connected with age. The following observations seem to sum it up:

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It's Your Business -- Maybe We Should Talk?

As a leading business owner organization here on Long Island we frequently talk with business owners regarding their business issues and challenges. Often they are…

  • Worried about sales and revenue growth of their business
  • Concerned about profitability and managing cash flow
  • Frustrated with the performance of their employees
  • And just overwhelmed by the day-to-day struggle of running their business

Are you facing any of these or other challenges in your business? If so, then we should talk at the HIA-LI Trade Show on Thursday May 31, 9 am - 3 pm at the SCCC Sports & Exhibition Complex, 1001 Crooked Hill Road, Brentwood.

We’re a trade show sponsor and will be exhibiting at booth #102, near the main entrance. During the trade show, or on a different date at your place of business, if you’d like to discuss overcoming business challenges then please contact Bruce Gernaey, TAB Suffolk Managing Partner, at (631) 479-3290 or [email protected] to reserve a time.

We hope to see you there -- »click here for free trade show registration.


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Quick Tips

Stronger Candidates

Looking for new staff who are currently working in your industry may be more effective than generic job postings. You may get stronger candidates

By : TAB Winnipeg Board 210

Pay Attention to the Learners

When you are documenting processes or teaching people how to do things, pay attention to the learning style of the learners. Don’t be one of those who wonders why people don’t get it when you simply tell them something they want to actually see or get a feel for. This is called adapting your communication for the Visual, Kinesthetic or Auditory people. This also applies to your prospects and customers, by the way.

By : Dave Fingers, Wired Mustang

Staff Recommendations

Create a method for your staff to make recommendations for improvement on a regular basis.

By : TAB Winnipeg Board 501

Business Radar

You can run a (very) successful business with no knowledge of KPIs, but it sure helps to have some kind of business and personal radar to stay focused and reduce anxiety.

By : Paul Rayner, Virtual Genius

Pay Yourself Back

If you make a personal loan to your business, then the business should pay you interest (in addition to paying you back).

By : James Selecky, Weifield Group