Tips from the Top - April 2018


Owner to Customer Visits

Staying connected with your customers and employees is crucial. It is easy to get disconnected from either or both unless you make the effort otherwise. Service companies conduct their business on job sites, or at least outside of the office. Make it a point to visit your company in action – go to where the work is happening...!

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Business Owner/CEO Roundtable: Friday April 20th

Looking to propel your business forward?  Then experience the benefits of The Alternative Board (TAB) by attending a Business Owner/CEO Roundtable meeting with TAB members and other Long Island business owners. As a group we'll discuss critical business issues and best practices to build value in any business:

Friday April 20th at 8:15-10:30 am » Click to Register
Complimentary Roundtable Breakfast at Brett Harrison Jewelers
68 South Service Road (LIE Exit 48), Suite 100, Melville, NY

There's no-obligation or cost, and complimentary breakfast is provided. Eleven (11) Long Island business owners have already registered and we're inviting you to reserve your seat at the table by »clicking here.


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Tips to be a Better Public Speaker

In addition to countless other responsibilities, many of us serve as the face of our brand. There may be no better opportunity to fulfill this exacting duty than by appearing before audiences as a public speaker. It’’s a powerful way to showcase your business and communicate the depth of your industry expertise.

But the art of public speaking doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Even those who are adept in this field always look for ways to improve their performance. If you regularly receive invitations to address a public forum — or if you’re just starting out — here are tips for becoming a more compelling (and sought-after) public speaker:

View your material through the eyes (and ears) of your audience. Some speakers forget that the people they’re addressing don’t know as much as they do about a given topic. They fall into the habit of speaking "over" their audience — using jargon or technical language, rushing through complex material without offering sufficient explanation, and so on.

One way to overcome this trait is by breaking down your subject matter and finding ways to explain material in brief, easy-to-understand sections. Make sure people understand the first idea you want to convey before moving on to other topics. Use simple language as much as possible to increase the likelihood your audience follows as you progress through your presentation.

Enhance your communications skills. Eye contact and clear enunciation are two of the most valuable skills a public speaker can possess. Rather than reading from a prepared speech, practice looking up at your audience and making eye contact with people in the back of the venue, in the middle and up front. This helps you connect with the audience and enhances their willingness to trust what you have to say.

When speakers get nervous, they often speak faster and lose people due to poor enunciation. Practice speaking slowly and making sure you pronounce clearly (and loud enough for those in the back to hear). This approach will lend greater impact to what you want to convey.

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Quick Tips

The Importance of Delegation

Delegate yourself out of the business. Start with the little things first. Do the things you enjoy and delegate everything else.

By : Nigel Dove, Vortex De-pollution

Manager Delegation

As a manager, your goal is to help your team succeed. Don’t be surprised to find that delegation is a full-time job.


By : Kevin VanWingerden, Enertec Engineering

Sell Your Team!

Create an information/marketing sheet on your team members and send it to your customers. This educates them on who does what in your company and helps them know who to contact. This is a powerful tool that helps shift the notion that you are the company, helps make your company more valuable to your clients by giving them more access to the experts you have, and cuts down on the number of calls you personally get dramatically!

By : Colleen Stanley, Sales Leadership, Inc.

Terms and Conditions

Put terms and conditions on quotes, orders and invoices.

By : TAB Winnipeg Board 401

Fast Growth

If you are going into a strong growth phase, check first to see if you are "Thunderbirds are Go" or if you are heading into uncontrolled chaos.

By : Stephen Passmore, Snap Printing

Business Foundation

Build reoccurring sales – the foundation of any business.

By : TAB Auckland South