Tips from the Top - December 2018


Run Productive Meetings

Regular meetings can be very useful but can also be non-productive and waste a lot of time. To avoid regular meetings turning into a time waster, follow this few tips:

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Us vs. Them

There are often 2 teams that have tension between them due to their assigned roles (front office vs. back office, sales vs. development, etc.). To reduce the amount of conflict between them, educate everyone on team roles, have the managers of each team set priorities and coordinate, and facilitate communication with a communication tool like Slack.

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Quick Tips

Strategic Plans

Having a strategic plan to start out a new year is a great idea. Not reviewing that strategic plan regularly with your management team throughout the year is a tragedy. If we expect to accomplish our common goals and have the team rally around them, they need to be top of mind.

By : TAB Winnipeg Board 210

Shorter Trainings

Training for lots of things works better when it is in short bursts rather than ½ day or all-day trainings. It is easier to keep focused on the learning objectives and, with shorter trainings, the ‘pull’ to get back to work is not as great.

By : Jeffry Radspinner, Venture Surplus

Creating Balanced Incentive Plans

If you create a bonus plan based on revenue or profit, be sure to balance it with customer and/or employee satisfaction to ensure proper motivation and no adverse long-term effects.

By : Dan Mulligan, Yellowdog Printing


List the marketing efforts you've got now and how you think each is doing - study it, what was effective? What wasn't? What do you want to continue? What do you want to try next? Experiment!

By : Chad Williams, Aveo Capital Partners

Inject a Little Fun

For all hands meetings, inject some fun by doing 3 second videos of winners and runners-up of awards. Have them answer an interesting question like "If you could ask the leadership team anything, what would you ask?" or "If you had a super power, what would you choose and why?”

By : James Selecky, Weifield Group