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Free Seminar at the HIA-LI Trade Show: Millennials & Boomers - Closing the Gap, Thursday May 25th

Jacquelyn Gernaey, CEO of TAB Suffolk and COO of Effective HR, will be conducting a free seminar at the HIA-LI trade show on May 25th. Attend this seminar and learn how to engage and collaborate with the Millennial generation to maximize productivity and business growth.

The seminar takes place at the HIA-LI trade show on Thursday, May 25th at the Suffolk County Community College Sports & Exhibition Center, Brentwood, Room A115, 1:45 - 2:45 pm.

»Click Here for free trade show registration and be sure to visit us at Booth 102!

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TAB Business Prosperity Conference: Crank-up Your Impact and Results on the New LinkedIn, Tuesday June 13th

Donna Serdula pioneered the concept of LinkedIn profile optimization and she and her team of 40 writers have helped thousands of LinkedIn users strategically write their profile to engage with their audience and grow their brand. She’s a sought-after speaker and at this interactive conference at the Melville Marriott she’ll walk you through the 5 key steps necessary to maximize your LinkedIn presence.

For more information and online registration visit »

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Business Owner/CEO Roundtable Breakfast: Thursday, June 15th

The Alternative Board (TAB) is conducting a Business Owner/CEO Roundtable, which is a facilitated meeting where Long Island business owners have the opportunity to confidentially discuss their compelling business issues and brainstorm solutions:

Thursday June 15th at 8:15-10:30 am » Click to Register
Complimentary Roundtable Breakfast at the Commack Hampton Inn
680 Commack Rd, LIE Exit 52 Eastbound/53 Westbound

At our free, no-obligation Roundtable Breakfast you'll meet TAB members and other Long Island business owners. As a group we'll discuss critical business issues and brainstorm solutions -- many of which will help you and your business.

For more information and free online registration visit »

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Attitude Adjustment

When a part of your journey does not go as you had hoped, don’t allow it to get you down. Sure - it's disappointing, but if you allow yourself to enjoy the journey and not focus on the negatives, you'll be less stressed. You'll have a positive impact on your people and the outcomes you all experience…

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Are You Choosing Chores?

Think about the time you wish you had to spend time with your kids (or your spouse, or even yourself). Do you wish you could attend their events, play with them and enjoy time doing fun things…?

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Quick Tips

Watch Your Competition

A quick way to grow your business is to watch your competitors for change. Their adjustment, good or bad, opens opportunities to win over their clients or key staff who may be looking for a better place to work.

By : Kim Christie, TAB Winnipeg Board 401

Can You Hear Me Now?

If you are interviewing people for a phone support position, make sure you include an initial telephone interview to listen for how the individual comes across over the line. Pay attention to their listening skills, vocal habits and observe closely how that person handles themselves.

If you’re serious about quality for the role, you might opt to call the candidate on an unplanned basis to see how they react and respond.

By : David Adams, D.L. Adams Associates, Inc.

Buyer’s Access

Set up a Google data folder with financials, projects and company information which a prospective buyer can securely visit online. Include proforma forward-looking financial statements

By : Dr. George Kramer, Atlantic Coast Veterinary

The Problem with Your Email

An effective email marketing campaign creates a problem and then solves it. Look to your customer service cases and frequently asked questions for ideas.

By : Rick Maher, Effective HR, Port Jefferson