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Business Owner/CEO Roundtable: Thursday, October 19th

Looking to propel your business forward?  Then experience the benefits of The Alternative Board (TAB) by attending a Business Owner/CEO Roundtable meeting with TAB members and other Long Island business owners. As a group we'll discuss critical business issues and best practices to build value in any business:

Thursday October 19th at 8:15-10:30 am » Click to Register
Complimentary Roundtable Breakfast at TriNet
1305 Walt Whitman Road, Suite 210, Melville, NY

You’ll gain insights and business tips and engage in frank discussions with other Long Island business owners. You, and only you, will then determine if TAB is right for you and your business.

There’s no-obligation or cost, and complimentary breakfast is provided. Visit for more information and free online registration.

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Sharing the Rewards of Performance

What I learned today from the Members of my TAB Board is when you are trying to develop a performance-based, incremental compensation plan for employees who provide professional services, you should consider the following…

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Weekly Status Reports

In addition to what we have discussed in our TAB Board Meetings, I have added some additional requirements from my staff as to what to include in our Weekly Status Reports…

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Quick Tips

Think Longer Term

When we make a change in an employee's job description, or add additional help, there is one question I ask: “What do you see as the impact of this change on our company one year down the road?”

By : Chris Martinez, Central Electric