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Free HIA-LI Tradeshow Seminar: Online Customer Love, Thursday May 21st

Bill Paolillo president of TAB Suffolk-Long Island and author of the book The Glass Company – How to Lead, Hire and Sell in a Transparent World, will be conducting a free HIA-LI tradeshow seminar. Attend Bill’s seminar and learn how you can harness the power of online reviews and connect with your customers to create more sales and profit. The seminar will be taking place at the tradeshow next Thursday, May 21st, 1:45 – 2:45 pm, in room 115.

Register for the HIA-LI tradeshow by May 18th for free admission. Click here for free registration at the HIA-LI website or visit

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A Better Performance Evaluation Process

Employee evaluations are for performance improvement. As such, they need to be regularly measured and managed. Yet most companies treat reviews as a cumbersome year-end, 360-degree process that management hates, as uncompleted reviews become a monkey on their backs. Also during annual evaluations, the focus is often on a pay increase or bonus discussion, as opposed to areas for improvement...

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What is Leadership?

I recently did some research on what it takes to be an excellent leader. The first definition that I uncovered was written by Professor Warren G. Bennis who defined leaders as "People who do the right thing" as opposed to strong managers, who are "People who do things right." It is therefore very possible to be an excellent leader and a poor manager, and vice versa, so for this discussion, let’s not confuse the two...

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Quick Tips

Actions, Not Words

Something I learned from my grandfather many years ago served me well when I was an employee, and it serves me well as a business owner. "Don’t tell them what you can do. Show them what you can do!" he used to say. I’ve instilled this into the culture of our organization and it has made us a better company.

By : Steve Hague, PolarStar Engineering & Machine

Why Management Exists

Too many managers get wrapped up in "kingdom building" – spending the majority of their efforts on expanding their territory and establishing their authority. But these efforts are largely selfish, with a focus on the impact the manager is having on the organization, rather than the impact of the people he or she is managing. The best managers realize that their jobs exist to support and empower the people they manage. It’s important to remember that management is not the revenue-generating function of your business. The people doing the work (and being managed) are creating the product or service your business delivers.

By : Kris Kelso, The Kelso Group

Managing the Masters

As a manager, it is not necessary for you to know everything. The people who work for you should be the "masters." It is your job to manage their abilities.

By : Patti Zimmerman, Koffel Associates Inc.