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Human Resources
Seven Employment Laws You Should Know

As a business owner you need to know the various employment laws that impact your HR policies and procedures. TAB Suffolk attorney-member Lee Schwartz ( summarizes seven Federal and New York labor and employment laws that may affect your business.

Sales and Marketing
Why a Referral Marketing System is Important to Your Business

4 reasons referrals are the most cost-effective way to acquire new clients…

The Perfect Cold Call

Warm up your cold calls with just one question…

Mailing List Math

When it comes to purchasing lists, you get what you pay for…

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A Unique Way to Get Their Attention

In today’s economy, it is increasingly difficult to get work through open bidding. Our goal is to be in the position to negotiate work with General Contractors and not be subject to bid wars. To do this, my team came up with a way to get noticed by those who influence decision making. Instead of the usual "box lunch" and presentation, we decided to conduct a raffle for a large screen TV for those attending our presentations. Attendance skyrocketed and we developed relationships at the larger firms that we would not have gotten through traditional means.

By : Darren Loertscher, Innovative Excavation
Prequalifying Prospects

Are you receiving lots of inquiries from potential customers? Are they qualified? While sales is a numbers game, you need to make sure you remain focused on your core competencies. If you are spending too much time on prospects that aren’t qualified, then your marketing process isn’t doing its job. Disqualifying a prospect is invaluable. Make sure your website and other marketing materials are very clear about "who" you work with. Don’t offer services that will attract prospects that aren’t within your target market. I learned this the hard way as I had more inquiries coming in than I could handle and many of them weren’t good prospects for my business.

By : Bonnie Griffin Kaake, Innovative Consulting Group
Targeting Beyond Demographics

There are many new internet based tools that have come to market in the last few years. One of the best new websites for gathering leads for narrow or somewhat esoteric submarkets is ESRI. This site allows you to build lists of potential customers based on psychographics – such as lifestyle, behavior and attitude – rather than just demographics. The site also allows you to target prospects by zip code.

By : Allen Smith, Cognitive Information Inc.
If You Are Happy and You Know It

After our service technician completes a service call, a sales person will follow up to ensure the job was completed satisfactorily and met the customer’s expectations. If all is well, the sales person asks for a referral. This process has significantly increased our lead generation.

By : Joe Polizzi, ABF Security
Maxim for Marketing: The 3x3 Rule

All marketing is relationship building, over the long term. We use a system called "3x3." Three of our key leaders must know at least three C-level people in our top clients’ organizations. This system equates to nine relationships per key client – or, say, 180 relationships that must be developed for 20 clients. Every week we establish goals for closing the gap on relationships that must be initiated and fostered more deeply in the upcoming week and quarter to meet the "3x3" goal. This system works to keep us first in mind for client projects and to develop other business market intelligence.

By : Gerald King, Hoar Construction
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