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Management and Strategy
How to Stop Annoying Interruptions

Do you keep regular office hours? If you don’t, you’re making it easier for people to interrupt you, and harder for yourself to get things done.

I assume that you spend time in your business. Probably a lot of time, and maybe more time than you’d like. When I say "keep office hours" I don’t mean you should "go to work regularly." I mean that you should impose a simple structure that will give you more time…

Technology Time Savers

Although technology can be time-consuming (spam email) or distracting (cat videos!), it can also be a timesaver. Think back to the days of typewriters, where every mistake had to be painstakingly corrected, or the time required to send a letter or invoice by mail as opposed to typing a quick email. Today there are many ways business owners can leverage technology to save more time, as evidenced by these savvy suggestions…

Do not Let Customers Waste Your Time

Salespeople who are not aware of their cost to the company and themselves may not pay attention to the amount of time they are investing in customers relative to the sales generated…

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Managing the Bigger Picture

Sometimes we need to be reminded of the basics, like delegating and not taking on other people’s challenges. Spend time once a week, maybe over lunch, with your individual managers. This is time to catch up with them and make sure they are on track. The other thing to do is to make sure you schedule time for yourself (and maybe with your team) to work on the business. This is crucial time. It is time where you don’t answer your phone, emails, etc. It is focused effort on your Critical Success Factor(s) and what you need to do to achieve your Business and Personal Visions.

By : Blair Koch, TAB-Denver West
Take Time to Sharpen Your Blade

While discussing the need to step back and relax from the continual daily grind, one of our members made the comparison of using an axe to cut down trees and the worker who refused to take the time to stop and sharpen the blade because it would mean he would have to stop working for a while during daylight hours. Failure to realize he could cut much faster during the available time stopped him from optimizing revenue in optimum time. By stepping back and taking time away from the daily grind, a business owner is able "to sharpen the blade" and regain the ability to think clearly about their strategic plans and analyze changes necessary.

By : Mark Richman, Skeleton Key
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